Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are We There Yet?

The plug has been pulled on what was to have been the new Tin Man website. The development had already taken far too long, was consuming too much of my time when my involvement should have no longer been needed, and was going to be delayed even further. There were no excuses for it and the appropriate heads have rolled.
The good news is that the production of new minis is continuing and these will be released through the old TinMan site. The old site may not be pretty, but it works.

I have held the production molds and initial castings of the new releases in my hands so I'm pretty sure they are real. The casting company should be finishing the run next week and I will announce the actual releases when I have the product on hand, ready to ship.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a backlog of freelance work to catch up on before my head rolls.


  1. Good news, thanks for the heads-up John!

    A quick reminder: what are the new minis you're planning to release?


  2. The following models should, I repeat, should be released.
    The Wild Ride (a girl riding an eight-legged creature), a fighter-assassin type, a female nude (in 28mm), a dwarf ringsmith, and the Jungle Lord.
    A female fighter-assassin type was to be released with this batch but she has been delayed.

  3. Looking forward to their release!