Monday, May 25, 2015

Color Test and Modeling Tip

I was testing the color balance with my camera and new gray background and used this Mumak I painted to do it.
Although I need to get more lights to get better pictures (depth of field, even lighting, shadow elimination, etc.), the color looks pretty accurate from where I sit.

The modeling tip is in how I based the riders.
As well as carving the tabs that connected their feet into mounting pegs (Sorry, there are no pictures of the process.), I made a press mold of the flooring of the top tier of the howdah.
When the press mold was cured, I took some of GW's non-slotted 25mm bases and, one by one, laid a thin sheet of greenstuff epoxy putty over their surfaces and pressed the wicker texture into the putty. Excess putty was trimmed away with a hobby knife.
The press mold had an area about four times that of a regular base so I was able to get a lot of variance in the resulting floor patterns.
While the putty on the bases was still uncured, I took the figures and pressed their mounting pegs into the soft putty to mark where the bases would need to be drilled out.
The final steps were painting and mounting the figures.

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